We are having our Open House, Saturday February 4, 2017 

10:30 am to 4:00 pm

The Library is located at 1200 South Broadway (rear entrance) in New Ulm.

You are Welcome to join us for refreshments and Gemutlichkeit! Visitors can meet GBHS members, tour the small museum, and delve into the GBHS family records to search for their ancestors.

There will be old time music entertainment and at 1:00 pm a special free slide show titled:

Back roads of Bohemia and Bavaria

Presented by Wade Olsen

While traveling in Germany and the Czech Republic along the border between Bavaria and Bohemia, Wade instinctively learns more about our heritage and pieces the stories together. This adds perspective on how places and historical events affected the lives of our ancestors or those who lived there before us.

A special slide show will be provided at the GBHS open house showing unique places in our homeland. It will take you on a journey through parts of Bavaria, through Bohemia, the Egerland and up through the Erzgebirge Mountains in the north. You will then experience the remarkable capital city of Prague. The presentation also offers a glimpse of the upcoming Heritage tour to Germany and the Czech Republic in early June 2017.

Take this opportunity to see, experience and learn about these intriguing places in Europe. Learn how it relates to your ancestors and the places they once lived. It is especially interesting for those interested in travel and those whom want to learn about different locations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Bridge entrance to Mies/Stribro. Photo courtesy of Wade Olsen