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If you are a member of the German-Bohemian Heritage Society or of the German-Bohemian-L mailing list, and have a web page with information about your German-Bohemian or German-Moravian heritage, we would be happy to link to your page.

(Karel Kysilka)

Popp Family Genealogy Web Page
(Teri Popp)

The Goblirsch Family
Surnames: Goblirsch, Buchl (in Zemschen, Kreis Bischofteinitz) and Nicollet County, MN). Seifert, Durmer (in Pscheischen, Kreis Mies) and Redwood County, MN) (Paula Goblirsch)

Ralph Sobek’s Genealogy Page
Surnames: Sobek, Sobkowa, Danehl, Frebel/Frevel/Frewel/Fröbel/Froebel, Hübner/Huebner/Hubner, Baier/Beier, Beranek, Brehler/Brähler/Braehler/Preler, Busch, Dachsel, Eckard, Faust, Gärtner/Gaertner, Gerck, Helmer, Homann, Hosenfeld, Jost, Knaz, Kolb, Kraft, Kreis, Krejca/Krejka/Krejci, Kress, Kudela, Lang, Leister, Lingemann, Metz, Möller/Moeller, Münnich/Munnich/Muennich, Pfeil, Plock, Riemenschneider, Riz, Schaub, Scheibelhut, Schmid, Schneider, Schrimpf, Schwalke, Slovencik, Steinbrink, Sukup, Tannenbaum/Tennenbaum/Tenenbaum, Tesarik, Vesely/Veselà, Von Keitz, Voßkühler, Wels, and Wingenfeld

Highholders of Oshkosh
The History and Facts of Bavarians and Bohemians in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (Peter Kinderman)

The Omnibus Portal
Information on the Sigl/Siegl/Siegel family who originated in Vollmau, Bohemia and before in Furth im Wald, Bavaria. Also the Kacheleier/Kachelmaier family of Haßlbach/Hasslbach, Bohemia. (Donald Joseph Schulteis)

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