The German-Bohemian mailing list is a discussion group for those interested in sharing information about the culture, genealogy and heritage of the German-speaking people of Bohemia and Moravia, now the Czech Republic. This list was founded in August of 1996 by Robert Paulson, Dora Selig, and Paula Goblirsch.

Posting Guidelines

To ensure smooth operation of this mailing list, we request that members observe the following:

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Respond to the subject (and not the person) if you disagree with something in a post. Remain polite even if differences of opinions come up. Honest, open communication is essential, but it must be delivered with respect for other members’ thoughts and expressions. Don’t harass, abuse or threaten other members. Don’t post any content that’s vulgar, hateful, illegal or otherwise offensive. Any member who instigates contraventions will be removed without further ado from the list.

In the subject line please add an informative or meaningful subject. Pay attention so that contributions do not become too long. You can avoid long emails by deleting older or unnecessary parts of a discussion thread in your reply. Attachments are not permitted in this list.


You can subscribe to this list in either mail mode or digest mode.

To subscribe to the list in mail mode (one email for every posting), send a message containing only the word SUBSCRIBE to:

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If you ever need to unsubscribe from the mailing list, send the word UNSUBSCRIBE to the address that you used to subscribe.

Any other characters in the body of a message other than commands understood by the server will cause your request to fail.

Posting to the List

In their first message to the list after subscribing, we ask that new subscribers post a list of the names and villages that they are researching. Submissions can be in German or English.

To post messages to everyone on this mailing list, whether they subscribe in mail or digest mode, use the following address:

Message Archive

Messages sent to the GERMAN-BOHEMIAN mailing list have been archived and are available for searching or browsing.


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