GBHS Officers and Board Members

Wade Olsen, President


Telephone: 651 260-9444

Pat Eckstein, Vice President

Telephone: 507 317-7089

Jenny Eckstein, Treasurer

Harvey Stadick, Secretary

GBHS Board of Directors

Jenny Eckstein, Pat Eckstein, Rick Eckstein, William Fasnacht, Al Forst, Colleen Kretsch, Pat Kretsch, Adam Munsterman, Wade Olsen, Harvey Stadick, Janet Tauer, Steve Ubl, Gary Wiltscheck

Founding Board Members

Dan Beranek, Harriet Eckstein, Kurt Eisen, Marie Korenchen, Paul Kretsch, Louie Lindmeyer, Robert Paulson, Angie Portner, George Portner, LaVern Rippley, Benny Seifert, Mariann Treml, Elroy Ubl, Adeline Wilfahrt

Team and Committee Assignments

Budget and Finance
Jenny Eckstein, Pat Kretsch, Wade Olsen

Library and Archives
Pat Eckstein, Pat Kretsch, Adam Munsterman, Wade Olsen, Janet Tauer, Steve Ubl, Gary Wiltscheck

Pat Eckstein, Pat Kretsch, Wade Olsen

Pat Eckstein, Rick Eckstein, Pat Kretsch

Newsletter – Heimatbrief
Editor -Wade Olsen

Newsletter Team
Dan Groebner, Monica Hobbs, Pat Kretsch, Adam Munsterman, Elroy Ubl

Wade Olsen, Gary Wiltscheck

Jenny Eckstein, Pat Eckstein

Product Sales
Pat Eckstein, Gary Wiltscheck

Social Media
Jenny Eckstein, Monica Hobbs, Kathleen Olsen, Wade Olsen, Pat Kretsch, Adam Munsterman

Rick Eckstein, Wade Olsen

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